My family’s (unarticulated) mission statement

Some families have mission statements. Together, they craft a short paragraph that will guide the family’s practices and shape its ethos. They post the mission statement in a prominent place in their home to remind them of their deepest values and sense of calling.

We are not one of those families. We do not shine when it comes to visionary planning. No, we rock a willy-nilly, go with the chaotic flow, and clean up afterwards approach to life. Yes, my husband does love planning (and research, oh the research), but after fourteen years, I have beaten him into submission won his willingness to go with my haphazard ways.

Planning and execution do not seem to be our gifts

I realized the other day, though, that we had intuited our way to a working mission statement. Continue reading “My family’s (unarticulated) mission statement”

On guts and grit (Or my week)

I’ve done some things in my life that required courage. Even some that required grit.

I was the only girl on my little league baseball team during three seasons. I gave birth to two of my children without medication. I have parented twins through the newborn, baby, and toddler years. And now through the learning-to-read-while-dyslexic years.

I look a little tired, huh?

I have spent ten years living with cuckoos creatives. I put my words on the internet for all the world to read almost every week. As a young, single woman, I spent a summer in Siberia. Later, I took my one-year-old to a remote city in China.

On the train to Xining, China

I lived through the two-month near-death illness of my husband and the many months of rehab afterwards. I responded with poise and humor when I learned, at five months’ pregnant, that I was expecting not one, but two babies.

I even watched Sunday night’s debate.

This week, I am doing something, though, that may require more courage than all of the above. I am going with 65 ten-year-olds on an overnight trip. My daughter’s fifth grade is spending three days at a YMCA camp. My invitation to chaperone came like this: Mom, this is your best chance to be a great mom!

Okay, then.


Pray for me, friends.

©2016, Laura Goetsch and Thinking about Such Things

What a vote for Trump says to Black Americans

I want to address my white, conservative readers, the ones considering voting for Donald Trump next month.

I myself am a conservative in many matters. And, I, too, believe Hillary Clinton is a dangerous liar. The peril she chose to put our country in by using a private email server during her time as Secretary of State astounds me. I do not believe one word she has said on this subject or on many others.

I am, however, planning to vote for her. Continue reading “What a vote for Trump says to Black Americans”

Brawls, big projects, and bad smells (Or our summer)

Our lazy, lovely summer has come to an end. While it was a hard one for our country, it was a rich one for my family. We enjoyed days full of sunscreen and sweat, painters tape and play, grandparents and good friends. Would you indulge me as I do a numeric recap? Let’s not launch into weighty topics just yet.

Exact number of days we had off from school: 80

Hours spent watching the Olympics: 25

Hours spent discussing why Michael Phelps would name his son Boomer: 5

Hours one child spent “supervising” our neighbor’s front walkway project while he snuck math problems into the conversation: 10

Times the kids stole my phone: 27

Times my phone informed me its memory was full because of videos they made: 27 Continue reading “Brawls, big projects, and bad smells (Or our summer)”

Summer respite

Once again, I am going to take the summer off from writing. The last nine months have been full of learning, thinking, and writing. Learning about dyslexia, poverty, and issues of justice. Writing for this blog and for a few others.

My brain and my heart are tired. It is time to germinate rather than produce. My twins will do some tutoring, but beyond that we hope to enjoy slow days of fresh fruit, ice cream cones, and the pool. Evenings of fireflies and fiction reading.

I’ll see you in September! If you want to follow the exploits of my imaginative children, join me on Instagram.


And, dear readers, don’t forget to answer this question. Your answer may influence what dish I bring when we meet again in September.


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