Why I Love Public School


This special woman is one of the reasons I love our public school.  Blessed with a mighty gift of teaching, she not only managed to launch my first grader into reading chapter books, she also shared her love of Langston Hughes poetry, knowledge of India and other parts of the world, passion for learning, and joy in reading aloud great pieces of writing.  When I hear my daughter reading the classics aloud to her stuffed hippo, I know it all started with her first grade class memorizing MLK’s “I have a dream” speech.  And this gifted teacher did all this while working individually every day with the children who were struggling to learn to read at all.  There are some real gems in public schools, and this woman is one of them.

Before I rhapsodize further about my deep love for public school, though, I want to state clearly what my aim in writing is not.  And for whom I am not writing.  This is not a polemic against private schools, charter schools, or homeschooling.  Continue reading “Why I Love Public School”

The Curse of the Imaginative Child

The internet is full of articles like “How to nurture creativity in your children” and “Seven easy ways to grow your kids’ imaginations.”  To these articles, I say Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Let’s not be hasty, people.

Are you sure you actually want “creative” children?  Before you go applying this advice willy-nilly, have you thought through what it might be like to actually live with “imaginative” people? Allow me to offer my family as a cautionary tale.  In one photo.IMG_6179

This is my poor, beleagured husband on a normal Tuesday afternoon attempting to lead a productive adult life.  This is what “creativity” begets in a home.  Continue reading “The Curse of the Imaginative Child”