A Haiku or Two

After consulting with my eight year old on various poetry forms, I am ready to regale you, dear readers, with some haikus and an acrostic.


What starts with romance

Leads to (always failing) chore charts,

Netflix on the couch. Continue reading “A Haiku or Two”

Addendum to my post “Why I Don’t Treat My Kids ‘Fairly'”

Every year, MLK Jr’s Birthday is celebrated as a major event at my kids’ elementary school.  On the Friday preceding the holiday Monday, the children perform a school-wide musical assembly.  They prepare in their music classes for months in advance.

Much good fruit has been borne in our family from this annual tradition: my children have a grasp of that period of American history, discussions at home of laws and justice arise as they seek to understand, and the extraordinary model of Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent resistance is held high.  As we partake of this annual community tradition, I too have been pushed to think more deeply about the civil rights movement in our country and the power of peaceful protest.

As I sat in the school auditorium last Friday watching the program, I realized I may have implied something about justice in my post about “fairness” that I did not mean.   Continue reading “Addendum to my post “Why I Don’t Treat My Kids ‘Fairly’””

Why I Don’t Treat My Kids “Fairly”

From the American view of things, my family should be very concerned with fairness.  Not only do I have three daughters who are close in age, but two of them are identical twins.  Many would assume that I should strive greatly to pursue perfectly fair treatment for my kids at all times.

I don’t.  In fact, when one of my kids whines, “It’s not fair,”  my standard response is “I’m not interested in fairness.”  Why?

There are two main reasons that we don’t do “fairness” at our house.  First, “fairness” is understood by American children to mean exact sameness.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Treat My Kids “Fairly””

What 2014 Taught Me About My Decorating Style (or Another Way It Turns Out I’m a Freak)

Like most of my peers, I watch HGTV and browse an occasional decorating blog.   I enjoy an hour with Nicole, Chip and Joanna, Jen, and, if I’m lacking a good book and feeling desperate, Drew and Jonathan.  The Nester has totally convinced me that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful And I’ve learned a lot from Sherry and John, as well as from Shannan.

One of the things they’ve taught me is that decorating is one more category in which I am a freak rare bird.  Not only do I insist on wearing my hair in its natural state (curly), I apparently also swim entirely against the tide when it comes to home décor and design.

For instance, there are no rooms in my house with antlers on the wallsNeed I say more? Continue reading “What 2014 Taught Me About My Decorating Style (or Another Way It Turns Out I’m a Freak)”