A Haiku or Two

After consulting with my eight year old on various poetry forms, I am ready to regale you, dear readers, with some haikus and an acrostic.


What starts with romance

Leads to (always failing) chore charts,

Netflix on the couch.


They nitpick and fight,

Like an old married couple.

Yet loyal and true.


Elementary School Kids

Legos in the carpet,

Light sabers and poop jokes, too.

Wide eyed, still so sweet.

On Picking Husbands and Churches

Go with the one that

makes you laugh.

Therein lies wisdom.



Wet socks from stepping in a slush puddle

Icicles on my nose and eyelashes and my gutters, too

Need hot chocolate and a crackling fire

Toes that never warm up

Every storm forecast more apocalyptic than the last

Rick, can you dig me out, again?


© Laura Goetsch and goetschblog, 2015.

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