The Curse of the Imaginative Child: Snow Day Edition

I live in an area of the country that is battered by snow and cold for months on end. We, the beleaguered, heavy-laden parents of the midwest must face not just repeated snow days, but also cold days, a new and dreaded designation.  The enemy of my people.  In my district, when the wind chill dips below -30, the superintendent calls off school.  Wuss.

As the rest of my area engages in traditional disaster preparedness, I find myself preparing for an altogether different sort of disaster.   Continue reading “The Curse of the Imaginative Child: Snow Day Edition”

Who I’m Sending Valentines To


My husband is not into receiving cards or gifts on Valentine’s Day.  He is far more blessed by me cleaning the garage than by me getting him a card.  The romance is never-ending over here.  My kids, on the other hand, are only in it for the sugar.  Candy hearts, chocolates, lollipops, heck yeah! Meaningful cards, meh.

This means that I have holiday energy to burn (even after I clean the garage).  So, I like to look around and find other people who might benefit from a valentine or a little note.  I usually cast my eye in two directions: Continue reading “Who I’m Sending Valentines To”

Sewing My Net (or Why I’ll Probably Never Have a Mudroom)

In my experience, everyone has one dominant value that drives most of their choices.  For some, frugality is the value that guides their decision-making.  For others, it is convenience and efficiency.  For many, it is the desire to get the very best for their kids.  Yes, most of us also have secondary and tertiary values that also influence the choices we make, but I think most of us have a gut instinct that is heavily influenced by one dominant value, maybe two.

My highest value, the one that drives my decisions, is relationships.  In everything I do I want there to be a relational payoff.  Questions like Will I meet people who I will be able to see again?, Does this activity embed me further in existing relationships?, and How can I match up my friends and acquaintances with each other? drive my choices.  Most of the time, this is at a subconscious level.  I am acting according to my value of relationships without even realizing it.

For my husband, the dominant value is honoring the earth.   Continue reading “Sewing My Net (or Why I’ll Probably Never Have a Mudroom)”