Joining the Lament

This has been a week of lament.  The world mourns with Nepal as the death toll from Saturday’s enormous earthquake continues to rise.  It is now above 4,800.  The U.S. watches as cries for justice and groans of lament rise loudly from Baltimore.  Stories of citizens beaten and even paralyzed by police, images of a burning CVS replayed on a loop on mainstream media, pictures of thousands of protesters peacefully calling for justice, citizen curfews in place and a State of Emergency declared.

In the midst of all this (and more), I am choosing to not write a new blog post this week.  To do so feels inappropriate and disrespectful.  Instead, I am simply joining the lament.

I only point you to others.  If you’d like, here are several articles that give context, shed light, and may point us toward wisdom in our laments.

Regarding Nepal, see here.

Regarding Baltimore, I recommend this link and this one and this one and this one.

Regarding media treatment of African Americans, see this helpful satire.

© Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Joining the Lament

  1. Kristen Johnson

    I truly appreciated you sharing those links. I looked at all of them and feel grateful for the chance to join you in lament this afternoon.


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