Going Quiet


To my faithful readers,

I am going to break from blogging for the summer. I need to go quiet for a few months. Summer, of all the seasons, should feel slow and languorous.  I want to give myself fully and freely to my kids, to this season.

Also, my mind needs to rest.  I have shared a lot of words and thoughts here in the last nine months.  Many conversations have ensued–on Facebook, in person, and in the comments.  I look forward to resuming that writing and conversing in September.

I need to take some time now, though, to germinate rather than produce.  I want to turn my mental energy back to reading and thinking for awhile.


As I get busy germinating, I invite you to send along book recommendations and ideas for future blog posts, if you have any.  Let’s keep talking but at a more summer-y pace.


Sunscreen, bug spray, sand.

Long evenings, lemonade, scents.

Take a deep breath.  Feel the air.

The Challenge

Help! Mom is in charge.

Find a soft rhythm without

daily school routines.


Plants dripping with fruit,

Fresh, bright colored vegetables,

What could be better?

IMG_0097 IMG_0199

Lord, help me.

© Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2015.

8 thoughts on “Going Quiet

  1. Abby Fleming

    I have a future blog post request! Can we talk princesses?? More specifically, guarding little girls from the vanity and preoccupation with appearances that can sometimes come with the princess craze?


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