Exploits of the Imaginative Child (or Why I Need Therapy)

I think I need art therapy.

No, not the kind where I do art in order to explore my feelings. The kind where a professional helps me cope with all the “art” that is created in my home every day. I have plenty of feelings to explore about that.

Why might I need such therapy? For one, I found this art installation on the floor of my office the day after I cleaned it:


Note that it takes two types of painters tape and a green marker (probably a Sharpie) to add a pool and a lawn outside the play hotel. The clandestine use of sharpies by small creatives is reason enough for a therapy session, don’t you think?

In our home, even the breakfast table cannot stick to its original function. One day last week, I noticed this bit of “creativity” after the kids left for school:


Why focus on eating when you can make walls and personal nooks?  Surely we cannot expect children to put food away when they are in the throes of inspiration.

Okay, there’s a tiny possibility that my kids and I have been watching too much HGTV. I  did overhear a conversation between Barbies recently where one prescribed “a large kitchen island” for the other’s “open concept living space.”

Here’s what I found in Barbie’s own home:


Why exactly a carpet of fake money was constructed I cannot say. Nor can I explain why Mary, two crosses, and the empty tomb are all sitting on stools at the “breakfast bar.”

The outside of Barbie’s house looks like this:


When I asked why a whole roll of painters tape had been used in this manner, I was informed that “Mom, I was trying to make Elsa’s ice palace.” Notice Elsa herself garbed in a homemade “ice gown” in the left foreground of the picture.

I think I need to devote at least one entire therapy session to the use of tape in my home.  There are things you simply cannot un-see after you have seen them.


For more in my series, The Curse of the Imaginative Child, see here and here.

© Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Exploits of the Imaginative Child (or Why I Need Therapy)

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