Adventures in painters tape and other Christmas delights

We have reached new heights of engineering in our home. Barbie needed an elevator. Naturally.  In the absence of wire cables and steel, a pulley was constructed of painters tape, Duplo blocks, and a graduation cord.

I can’t speak for Barbie, but I would totally trust my life to such sturdy engineering. Especially with the hedgehog operator on site to manage any crises. 

In addition to her new elevator, I’m told that Barbie also needed a three floor closet. My daughters were happy to oblige her needs, making sure to provide ladders between the levels.


To my dismay, the use of adhesive materials did not end there. I also discovered this tableau on the wall of my daughters’ room.


My frustration that they disobeyed our rule of No stickers on walls! is mitigated by my pleasure in the excellent theology displayed here. Yes, my children, Jesus did come to earth to overturn death! Indeed, the animals and all creation rejoiced when God’s redemption plan was inaugurated by Jesus’ birth.

I want to leave you with this cozy scene, readers. May it warm your hearts this Advent. What is more cheering than friends gathered ’round a Christmas tree? Especially friends in scanty cocktail dresses.



©Laura Goetsch and Thinking about Such Things, 2015

4 thoughts on “Adventures in painters tape and other Christmas delights

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