Of muffled wails, fur balls, and book piles

Living through this primary season feels like experiencing a slow motion car wreck. I find myself muffling terrified wails in the cat’s belly as I contemplate a Trump presidency. This has at least ensured that Donald won’t be getting Pippin’s vote.

What else have I been up to?

Selling family heirlooms:IMG_3324

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Telling the truth about our different heritages

My daughter’s 4th grade class recently did “heritage projects.” The kids spent several weeks researching their family histories, choosing one country in their family background to focus on. They presented what they learned at a culminating “heritage lunch” where the parents brought in food from the country their child chose, and we enjoyed eating together and listening to the students’ reports.

It was a great assignment as the students began learning how to research, to present information, and to understand culture. My daughter chose Sweden, focusing on my dad’s family. I can confidently say that she now knows more about it than I do. (“No, Mom, Sweden is between Norway and Finland, not Denmark!”) Continue reading “Telling the truth about our different heritages”