Of muffled wails, fur balls, and book piles

Living through this primary season feels like experiencing a slow motion car wreck. I find myself muffling terrified wails in the cat’s belly as I contemplate a Trump presidency. This has at least ensured that Donald won’t be getting Pippin’s vote.

What else have I been up to?

Selling family heirlooms:IMG_3324

Enjoying my children’s art. Look, Mom, I made a Christmas card like all those people who take their photos on railroad tracks! IMG_3307

Enjoying their “art installations” a bit less. They are pretty, but can be a bit inconveniently placed:


Trying to bring order to a people who stubbornly refuse it:IMG_3456


And reading a lot:IMG_3380.JPG

I think I may need to sprinkle in some lighter fare, lest the cat go bald. Got any suggestions?

© Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2016

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