Why I write

Every Tuesday morning, I kiss my kids good-bye, I gather my computer, and I drive to my favorite local cafe. I order my coffee and find a seat by itself. Then I labor with words for several hours, pushing my mind to the edge of its skill. Whenever the calendar says it’s Tuesday I do this, whether or not I feel inspired. It is my weekly discipline, a rhythm I have come to treasure.
Why do I set aside a day for writing every week?

For the love of it. In mid-2015, something changed. For the first time, I had a desire to write. I wanted to. Continue reading “Why I write”

Make way for cackling

Some people think you have to earn joy. They believe that before you can do something fun, you have to do something hard. Before you get to do things that delight you, you need to do things that feel like work.

I disagree. I think that philosophy makes your life a drudgery. Sure, there are tasks that must be done, and it helps to set out rewards for ourselves for doing them. The taxes must be filed, so I may need to promise myself a salted caramel if I press through them.

I do not think, however, that life is best lived as a series of chores that must be completed before we can have any fun. As if we are Cinderella toiling in the scullery waiting for a crust of bread from our stingy stepmother. Continue reading “Make way for cackling”