A question for my readers

I like to follow my fancy wherever it leads, in my life and in my writing. Every Tuesday I put fingers to keyboard, pursuing that day’s whims and reflections.

Because of this, some might say my blog lacks focus. That the effect is something like this:


The experts, after all, say that you need to choose a niche. That it’s important to figure out where you fit in the landscape of writers and blogs.

Having one particular niche sounds a little boring to me, I admit. Nonetheless, I would like to ask you, my regular readers: what do you think my niche is? Why do you read me? Is it for my strong grasp of thermodynamic principles? My sterling photos? My penetrating insight into neo-renaissance architecture?

But, seriously, if you are a regular reader (or an occasional reader who really loves certain posts), please tell me why you read my blog.  You can leave your answers in the comments on this post or on Facebook. No need to write lengthy paragraphs; a phrase or two will be illuminating.

Thank you, dear reading friends!  I cherish you.



©Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2016.

20 thoughts on “A question for my readers

  1. Jennifer Steiner

    Hi Laura,
    I read you because you sincerely try to bridge between faith and the realities in our world. You make efforts to put your faith into actions and attitude adjustments. Although I am no longer a young Mom, I am a new grandmother, so I am very interested in remembering and recalling those times of young motherhood so that I can best address and support young mothers based on my experience with a heavy infusion of the differences between raising children “then” and “now”.


  2. Julie Longacre

    I enjoy all of your posts, Laura! And it kind of tickles me that I don’t know when I click the link if the post will make me giggle or squirm. So i like the variety! I appreciate how you address very delicate matters in a way that is honoring and accessible.

    If I had to claim a few favorites – they would likely be the ones where you’re thoughtfully instilling character into your sweet kiddos, especially around areas of justice, but also in general. I’m always looking for creative inspiration to help me parent with vision and not just reactively, like a cranky safeguard at the pool!

    Also, I find you and your writing, your ideas and your pictures to be lovely. My time online is usually not overwhelmed with loveliness, so it’s always most welcome!

    Ok, lastly I think I leech off of your brain a bit. I rarely have much time for reading books or online articles. So since you do a lot of reading and thinking about things that I’m sometimes just skimming the surface on… your blog does make me smarter in those areas. Come to think of it, I owe you at least a coffee for that. 😉


  3. Seema

    Laura, I love your thoughtful parenting approach and ability to convey that so precisely. I love reading your Christian parenting perspective, since I am a Hindu married to a Christian. It has bridged some cultural/religious misconceptions I had. Also, you are a great writer.


  4. Kim

    I think it’s all in your approach Laura. You are thoughtful and not reactive. You address things in many categories that we all interact with to some degree and you push past the obvious to the driving factors underneath. You challenge us without condemning us. You cause us to be more reflective and engage the world we live in. I like the variety of your blog. You have my blessing to keep breaking those “blog” rules.


  5. Emily umulis

    I read because your blog is thoughtful and engages with issues and ideas that are important to me…I appreciate the intersection of faith, parenting, justice, etc. Life just isn’t easily compartmentalized!


  6. I resonate with what Kim and Emily said above about being thoughtful and not reactive, challenging but not condemning, particularly in the areas of justice. You also don’t come across as “holier-than-thou” in your understanding of issues of justice – willing to also receive thoughtful responses and allow them to influence you toward considering other perspectives.

    Personally, as well, you are several years ahead of me in the journey of motherhood, so I think about where I want to be, how I want to grow, and what I care about (or, *want* to learn and care about more deeply, how I want to be challenged), and what values I want to communicate to my children, and you embody a lot of what I want to move toward in your thoughts here.

    Also, you appreciate humor. And that’s pretty great.


    1. Thanks for your detailed answer, Cat! I am very glad to know that I don’t come across as holier-than-thou. That is always a risk for those who have a gone a little ways down the justice road…even if it’s only a few steps! I HATE sanctimony on these issues, so I’m glad to hear I’m not communicating any, at least to you.


  7. Sarah

    Insight, humor, beauty, truth. I enjoy the wild veering from the weighty to the frivolous. That’s life, and I feel I can breathe deeper and see more clearly after reading your blog. 🙂


  8. PaoLin Chi

    I just found your blog! I love the heartfelt, loving, and earnest grappling it exposes. I think you already have found a niche, I just can’t accurately label it with one word.


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  10. Dana Oesterlin

    I was talking to my mom last night about your blog since she was going to see your mom. I was telling her that one of the reasons I appreciate it is that you are an example of Christianity that challenges me to remember what it can really mean. I do not embrace the term because of how it can be brandished sometimes. You help me reflect by your compassion, thoughtfulness, and realness and your sense of social justice.


  11. I like hearing your voice more than anything else. I know that’s not very specific, and the blogging world this day is SO hyper-specific, so I may not be that much help. However, I’m going to stream-of-consciousness this thing here and let you know what I’ve liked:
    I like that you went to TEDS like me – as a wife but not just a wife. You grapple with the deep stuff instead of showing a cake-walk approach to life. While you aren’t giving us every single detail of what goes on in your world, I don’t feel like you’re hiding anything, either. As people have said above, I’m really helped and encouraged by thoughts on justice and living an authentic (not perfect) Christian life in times such as these. And, overall, I like your storytelling style. A lot of the great storytelling bloggers from a few years ago have quit, so it’s great to read what you write as you like to write it.

    End stream-of-consciousness. 🙂 Anyway, I know it’s just my perspective, but I’d dig it if you kept writing whatever you want to write, as you have been, and just give it a title so you can call it “niched.”


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