How I create magical childhoods

I have discovered the secret to creating a magical childhood. No, it’s not Pinterest.

It’s grandparents.

Several times a year, we visit a wondrous land. You may even have heard of it.

It’s called Wisconsin. And it holds mythic measures of delight. Continue reading “How I create magical childhoods”

How we talk to our kids about race

It is often said that kids do not see color, that noticing race has to be taught.

I have not found this to be true. From the time my kids were pre-schoolers, they have asked questions about skin color and have included race in their visual descriptions of people.

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Brawls, big projects, and bad smells (Or our summer)

Our lazy, lovely summer has come to an end. While it was a hard one for our country, it was a rich one for my family. We enjoyed days full of sunscreen and sweat, painters tape and play, grandparents and good friends. Would you indulge me as I do a numeric recap? Let’s not launch into weighty topics just yet.

Exact number of days we had off from school: 80

Hours spent watching the Olympics: 25

Hours spent discussing why Michael Phelps would name his son Boomer: 5

Hours one child spent “supervising” our neighbor’s front walkway project while he snuck math problems into the conversation: 10

Times the kids stole my phone: 27

Times my phone informed me its memory was full because of videos they made: 27 Continue reading “Brawls, big projects, and bad smells (Or our summer)”