On guts and grit (Or my week)

I’ve done some things in my life that required courage. Even some that required grit.

I was the only girl on my little league baseball team during three seasons. I gave birth to two of my children without medication. I have parented twins through the newborn, baby, and toddler years. And now through the learning-to-read-while-dyslexic years.

I look a little tired, huh?

I have spent ten years living with cuckoos creatives. I put my words on the internet for all the world to read almost every week. As a young, single woman, I spent a summer in Siberia. Later, I took my one-year-old to a remote city in China.

On the train to Xining, China

I lived through the two-month near-death illness of my husband and the many months of rehab afterwards. I responded with poise and humor when I learned, at five months’ pregnant, that I was expecting not one, but two babies.

I even watched Sunday night’s debate.

This week, I am doing something, though, that may require more courage than all of the above. I am going with 65 ten-year-olds on an overnight trip. My daughter’s fifth grade is spending three days at a YMCA camp. My invitation to chaperone came like this: Mom, this is your best chance to be a great mom!

Okay, then.


Pray for me, friends.

©2016, Laura Goetsch and Thinking about Such Things

One thought on “On guts and grit (Or my week)

  1. Kim Upton

    Haha! As a survivor of leading 8 girls to their Girl Scout Gold Award, I so get you. And as if you weren’t a great mom prior to this h-e-double-toothpicks weekend! Have a blast! Can’t wait for next week’s blog. 😱


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