My kids’ top three “projects” in 2016

My children were as busy as worker bees in 2016. Grand imagination and poor engineering abounded. I’ve examined the photographic evidence and selected their top three “projects” of 2016. Points were awarded for inventive use of materials, realism, and tape quantity. In no particular order, I give you:

Camp Goesch


Do you notice anything about this sign?

Perhaps that the children misspelled their own last name? They had been on summer break for one day at this point. Summer slide is real, people.


You can imagine my delight that they brought their pillows outside, laid them in the yard, and left them there all day. Please note the tape dispenser in the middle of the photo—only the Goesch children would deem this a necessary camp supply.

For your ease in viewing, I have circled the element I found most innovative—a “camp fire” made of wood from Rick’s work room and red ribbon. For brevity’s sake, I will leave the “registration desk” and “snack table” to your imagination.

A zoo

In their room, my twins constructed a multi-exhibit zoo. They did this without the help of their older sister. Behold, the students have surpassed the master! They took over all the open floor space for this headache extravaganza.


This is the hippo enclosure. The blue suitcase is meant to be a waterfall and the blue towels, a river. Please note the green fence constructed with a dis-assembled American Girl bed. Books are playing the role they always play in Goetsch creations (hint: not literacy). Why hippos need chapstick, I cannot say.

fullsizerender-27Look, Mom, our zoo has a train with a track! Barbie can ride the train car in a loop and up a hill over another exhibit! 


Of course, no zoo would be complete without an Ewok exhibit. Note the plant they have kindly provided the Ewok for his sustenance. I will not bore you with pictures of the penguin, bear, or koala habitats, but you can assume they were equally challenging to my nerves thorough.


The girls constructed a multi-faceted “spa boutique.”


Patrons can browse all the clothing that has been so helpfully taped to the wall. Styles are varied but consistently skimpy. To purchase an item, simply approach Barbie seated behind wood, again from Rick’s work room the desk.

Spa services are also provided. After getting a shampoo and style, dryers are available.

img_2023Please also note the dressing room in the corner.

Parking outside the spa is ample. I can only assume that tape-clad Barbie is seated in the parking lot because she is saving a parking space for a friend. As for tape-clad Ken, he may have received too many spa services and become a tad overly relaxed.


In our home, 2016 was ripe with tape creativity and odd lumber innovation. What could 2017 hold? I dare not imagine. No, really.


©Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2017

10 thoughts on “My kids’ top three “projects” in 2016

  1. Liz

    Laura, I had my 10 year old read this post because I thought it had some great ideas. After reading it aloud, I noticed she skipped right over the strikethrough text. My daughter wondered why there were so many mistakes. Don’t worry! I enjoyed the humor thoroughly.


  2. Lindsay Klein

    This made me laugh out loud!! 🙂

    On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 8:29 AM, Thinking about such things wrote:

    > Laura Goetsch posted: “My kids were busy as worker bees in 2016. Grand > imagination and poor engineering abounded. I’ve examined the photographic > evidence and selected their top three “projects” of 2016. Points were > awarded for inventive use of materials, realism, and tape quant” >


  3. Smacek

    This was great as was your commentary. First, summer slide is indeed REAL! Second, my favorite project is the spa. What sold me? The clothes hanging on the wall!!!! I can’t get enough!!!


  4. Ellen Weisseg

    Laura, I can only think back to childhood with girls for friends. The Weisseg pattern is continuing to churn out boys, first three sons, now three grandsons, and another grandson on the way.

    Think happy thoughts about Barbie and tape. We had cardboard brick wars in the basement and several broken windows from errant baseballs, soccer balls, and basketballs. And if memory serves me correctly, one window met its demise about an hour after it had already been replaced.



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