About Laura Goetsch

FullSizeRender-46There are two places sure to awaken joy in me:  second hand stores and public libraries.  Surprise treasures or endless books, and I am like a hunter at dawn in November. There are two virtues I love passionately: humor and wisdom.  The unexpected, playful kind of humor that makes you whoop and pound the table.  Like a heat-seeking missile, I search out Funny and I search out Wise.  When the two are combined in one person or book, I am like a fruit fly to compost.

My other fondnesses include: fruit-picking, Cleveland, overnight train travel, friends who drop by, BBC mysteries, packs of laughing children, cities big and small, the global Christian church, and clotheslines.  Yes, clotheslines.

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and went to college at the University of Michigan where I majored in English, and wrote an honors thesis on John Milton’s Paradise Regained.  A copy of this thesis will be furnished upon request.  Awards may be given to those who manage to read it, a feat not yet accomplished by my husband of 14 years.  After graduating from college, I left off with formal schooling and continued my education by means of voracious reading, travel to Siberia and central China, ten years in Christian ministry, the bearing and parenting of three children who arrived in quick succession, moving and making homes in multiple states, one prolonged near death illness (of my husband), public school parenting, and things I overheard while living on a seminary campus.

I should also mention that I happen to own the handsomest cat that ever prowled the Americas.  He is Pippin, hear him snore.

Goetsch is pronounced “gaych,” by the way.  It rhymes with the letter H.

Whatever is true, w


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