About Laura Goetsch

FullSizeRender-46Two places sure to awaken joy in me:  second hand stores and public libraries.  Surprise treasures or endless books, and I am like a hunter at dawn in November.

Two virtues I love passionately: humor and wisdom.  Unexpected humor that makes you whoop and pound the table.  Like a heat-seeking missile, I search out Funny and I search out Wise.  When the two are combined in one place, I am like a fruit fly to compost.

My other fondnesses include: fruit-picking, Cleveland, overnight train travel, friends who drop by, BBC mysteries, packs of laughing children, cities big and small, the global Christian church, and clotheslines.  Yes, clotheslines.

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and went to college at the University of Michigan where I majored in English, and wrote an honors thesis on John Milton’s Paradise Regained.  A copy of this thesis will be furnished upon request.  Awards may be given to those who manage to read it, a feat not yet accomplished by my husband of 16 years.

I should also mention that I happen to own the handsomest cat that ever prowled the Americas.  He is Pippin, hear him snore. And a very cute, naughty, mid-sized mutt. She is Mitzi, watch her zoom.

Goetsch is pronounced “gaych,” by the way.  It rhymes with the letter H.

Whatever is true, w

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