Christmas decorating with imaginative children (and cats)

We decorated our home for Christmas two weeks ago. I have not seen most of the holy family since the moment we opened the boxes. The spot created for them in our living room sits empty while they cavort around the house, doing I know not what.  I recently discovered two members playing in Barbie’s camper.


Given his rugged life, both in Bethlehem and camping with Barbie, it is understandable that Joseph would suffer injuries and even lose a limb.

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Adventures in painters tape and other Christmas delights

We have reached new heights of engineering in our home. Barbie needed an elevator. Naturally.  In the absence of wire cables and steel, a pulley was constructed of painters tape, Duplo blocks, and a graduation cord.

I can’t speak for Barbie, but I would totally trust my life to such sturdy engineering. Especially with the hedgehog operator on site to manage any crises.  Continue reading “Adventures in painters tape and other Christmas delights”

Exploits of the Imaginative Child (or Why I Need Therapy)

I think I need art therapy.

No, not the kind where I do art in order to explore my feelings. The kind where a professional helps me cope with all the “art” that is created in my home every day. I have plenty of feelings to explore about that.

Why might I need such therapy? For one, I found this art installation on the floor of my office the day after I cleaned it:


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Cultivating creativity, if you must know

Whenever I talk about my kids’ sustained effort to drive me to the very brink of madness creative endeavors, I get asked questions like “What did you do to encourage such imagination?” and “What is it about your kids’ childhood that has encouraged creativity?”

I have labored to convince you that you do not want kids who do “creative” things. That you and your home will profoundly regret ever asking this question. Apparently, my warnings are destined to go unheeded.

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The Curse of the Imaginative Child: Snow Day Edition

I live in an area of the country that is battered by snow and cold for months on end. We, the beleaguered, heavy-laden parents of the midwest must face not just repeated snow days, but also cold days, a new and dreaded designation.  The enemy of my people.  In my district, when the wind chill dips below -30, the superintendent calls off school.  Wuss.

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The Curse of the Imaginative Child

The internet is full of articles like “How to nurture creativity in your children” and “Seven easy ways to grow your kids’ imaginations.”  To these articles, I say Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Let’s not be hasty, people.

Are you sure you actually want “creative” children?  Before you go applying this advice willy-nilly, have you thought through what it might be like to actually live with “imaginative” people? Allow me to offer my family as a cautionary tale.  In one photo.IMG_6179

This is my poor, beleagured husband on a normal Tuesday afternoon attempting to lead a productive adult life.  This is what “creativity” begets in a home.  Continue reading “The Curse of the Imaginative Child”