Going Quiet


To my faithful readers,

I am going to break from blogging for the summer. I need to go quiet for a few months. Summer, of all the seasons, should feel slow and languorous.  I want to give myself fully and freely to my kids, to this season.

Also, my mind needs to rest.   Continue reading “Going Quiet”

Haikus during Holy Week

Girls Gone By

Full diapers, fingers

so sticky, green boogers, yet

how I miss those cheeks.


Who do I want in my life?

Give me old people.

Wisdom is gained in the climb,

the living, suff’ring.


At last, it has come.

Soccer practice begun and

crocuses sprouted.IMG_1754

Things I tell my daughters

Not many folks can

rock a middle part or

a forehead of bangs.

Other things I tell my daughters

Build your math muscles.

Be kind, be brave, tell the truth.

God likes to laugh, too.

Our Marriage

All who know us see

you are C3PO to

my R2D2.


Why do you look for

the living among the dead?

The tomb is empty.


© Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things, 2015.