A portrait of spring

Let’s pretend that I am a photographer rather than a writer. Instead of describing bustling activity and bursting color, I will show you.

May in Wisconsin

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Life with Twins: a story in pictures

From the early years with our twins, we noticed a funny pattern. Every six months or so, our daughters would go through a wrestling phase.

We would hear giggling from another room, and when we went to investigate, we would find them sprawled out, laughing and taking turns pinning each other. They would do this repeatedly over a couple days, and then forget about the activity for awhile. Until the next round, four or six months later.

It started like this:


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Why I Don’t Treat My Kids “Fairly”

From the American view of things, my family should be very concerned with fairness.  Not only do I have three daughters who are close in age, but two of them are identical twins.  Many would assume that I should strive greatly to pursue perfectly fair treatment for my kids at all times.

I don’t.  In fact, when one of my kids whines, “It’s not fair,”  my standard response is “I’m not interested in fairness.”  Why?

There are two main reasons that we don’t do “fairness” at our house.  First, “fairness” is understood by American children to mean exact sameness.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Treat My Kids “Fairly””