Hire Laura for editing

Laura Goetsch Editing

Laura is a gifted editor.  She somehow improves my work without changing the style or tone. She works through the nitty gritty grammar stuff while also making sure my pieces flow. Laura is an invaluable resource.

Christen Wiggins, CKSW Consulting

Do you need help perfecting something you’ve written?  Would you like someone to double check your grammar or help you find just the right word? Or perhaps you’d like big picture editing to make sure you are effectively communicating what you mean to.

Hire me.  I work on projects large and small.  I will lend my eye to all your written work, everything from essays to brochures, from book manuscripts to newsletters.  Let me help you fine tune your writing.  I charge an hourly rate.

Contact me at goetschblog (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss details.

2 thoughts on “Hire Laura for editing

  1. I am interesting in talking to you about editing a book that our senior pastor is just about finished writing. We are self producing and need the book finished by August 14. We have to get to our printer by mid-July. You were recommended to us by Chris Park who used to attend our church. My cell phone is 310-779-7487 and my office phone is 847-234-1001.


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