My most-read posts of 2016


Some of you have already raced into the new year. Eager for a fresh start, you’ve put away both the Christmas decorations and 2016.

Others of us are cleaning our slates more slowly. We’re still sitting under Christmas lights, reflecting a bit longer on 2016 before we turn our faces to what lies ahead.

I am in the slower bunch. As I mull over 2016, I’m curious about what in my own writing sparked the most interest. Below are my most widely read posts from the past year. They land on the weighty rather than the frivolous.

1. What a vote for Trump says to black Americans (written several weeks before the election)

2. On Brock Turner, consequences, and purple crayons

3. Why we let our kids play with Barbies

4. Telling the truth about our different heritages

5. A tie: It’s not too late to do what’s right and If I could have a word with my Christian friends (both written shortly after the election)


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Summer respite

Once again, I am going to take the summer off from writing. The last nine months have been full of learning, thinking, and writing. Learning about dyslexia, poverty, and issues of justice. Writing for this blog and for a few others.

My brain and my heart are tired. It is time to germinate rather than produce. My twins will do some tutoring, but beyond that we hope to enjoy slow days of fresh fruit, ice cream cones, and the pool. Evenings of fireflies and fiction reading.

I’ll see you in September! If you want to follow the exploits of my imaginative children, join me on Instagram.


And, dear readers, don’t forget to answer this question. Your answer may influence what dish I bring when we meet again in September.


©2016, Laura Goetsch and Thinking About Such Things.

A question for my readers

I like to follow my fancy wherever it leads, in my life and in my writing. Every Tuesday I put fingers to keyboard, pursuing that day’s whims and reflections.

Because of this, some might say my blog lacks focus. That the effect is something like this:


The experts, after all, say that you need to choose a niche. That it’s important to figure out where you fit in the landscape of writers and blogs. Continue reading “A question for my readers”

Of muffled wails, fur balls, and book piles

Living through this primary season feels like experiencing a slow motion car wreck. I find myself muffling terrified wails in the cat’s belly as I contemplate a Trump presidency. This has at least ensured that Donald won’t be getting Pippin’s vote.

What else have I been up to?

Selling family heirlooms:IMG_3324

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